Tridex Srl is a private trading company established in 2011.Our pursuit of excellence extends to the global market as we cooperate with the leading businesses from around the world such as ADR Systems with ever expanding product catalogues. We operate from Italy, Gorizia from where we are connected with the world to supply the highest quality components for your company needs reliably with short lead times running with a integrated logistics network. Mostly operating in the field of trailers, semitrailers, road tanks for transport of petrol, bitumen. As well as components for agriculture trailers, transit mixers and municipality vehicles. We supply the trailer manufacturers with raw materials as steel plates, profiles, pipes, etc., and with components and parts as follows:

Tridex Srl - Parts

Over structure parts as Aluminium body sides, doors and  hinges for body sides, side locks, etc.

Tridex Srl - Tyres

Axles, suspensions, rims and tyres

Tridex Srl - Brakes

Brakes and pneumatic installation

Tridex Srl - Municipality

Hydraulic systems for Trailers, Transit Mixers and Municipality vehicles

Tridex Srl - Electrical

Electrical installation and components for 24V and 12V

Tridex Srl - Boxes

Additional equipment and parts as tool boxes (PVC, steel, stainless steel), mudguards, side protections, light bars etc.

Transport Fuel

Fuel Tankers components

Agricultural Components

Components for Agricultural Trailers

Trailers Municipality

Components for Municipality equipment

Semi Trailers Mixer

Transit Mixers components